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The Ladybird

I need to start seriously learning my kanji so that I can translate and understand the things I want...damn!
Anyway, I just learned that ex-Question? member Yodogawa Yoshihiro has started his own band called The LADYBIRD.

The band was formed on March 1, 2013(so young!) and consists of

Yodi on drums and lead vocals,
Yuta on guitar, and
Eric Matahira on keyboard.

agkjhgfdsadklkjhgfds!!! I absolutely love unusual band lineups that throw conventionality out the window. A drummer for the vocalist? But seriously, these guys sound awesome. Thankfully, they have uploaded previews of their songs on Youtube, and so far, I'm loving the light rock/genki(that's how I describe it anyway...) feel to their songs and Yodi's great vocals. Here, have a listen to their songs...

The LADYBIRD Re:start

The LADYBIRD Shall we dance?


The LADYBIRD Never stop me

I think it's Eric singing here...

The LADYBIRD Smile again

Everyone sings a bit here...

I'm not sure but I seriously hope this band gets picked up by a good, decent label. They have great potential.

The LADYBIRD website:
Official Twitter: @TheLADYBIRD_

I proclaim myself an official ladybug now.
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