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Scrambling Just For You

So I was able to listen to some fan audio's of HSJ tonight from their recent concerts...and here's what I think...

HS7 have always had a hit and miss relationship with their songs, especially with the melody(is what I think). But this new song from their Zenkoku Tour is absolutely adorable! The title is 'Just For You', and I don't understand a word from it of course, but the melody truly embodies their growth into adulthood. Although I must say, Katie's intro seemed COMPLETELY out of place there, I sincerely hope it's never included in the studio version if they ever decide to release this as part of an album(because there's just too many new songs for a single). The great part is that I read somewhere that he was playing the acoustic guitar while singing, and he had a few lines where his voice was actually audible. The first "La-la-la-la-la-la-la~" part was kind of awkward too...Yuto-rin's lines are flawless as usual, and I'm still wondering why they haven't given him a solo song yet(or why they haven't released a studio version of his Uruwashi no Bad Girl yet). Yamachan's vibrato at the ending was great, as usual, and I'm really impressed with how far his singing voice has developed. Also, I can't figure out whether it was Yamachan or Chinen doing the harmonization...but it was nicely done.

HSB's song, as usual, is melodiously brilliant, and easily addictive because the lyrics seems to just fit with the beat of the song. I find the intro particularly captivating. I hope that was Inoo playing the piano. Entitled 'Scramble', it perfectly fits in with the standard that HSB have set for their group, which is having songs that start with the letter "S" (School Days, Su-Ri-Ru, Score, Spicy, Snap, Screw). My only complaint is that I still don't hear any Inoo-kun and not enough of Bakaki's beautiful husky voice.

For the group songs, 'Everybody Jump' sounds ok, but it will take some time to grow on me. It an upbeat song very similar in style to Beat Line. The untitled one, though, I find quite nice because it's a slow-rock or alternative pop style and I'm a sucker for those songs. I just find the English parts cringe-worthy(but that's only because of my high standards for Japanese singers singing English words...largely influenced by the perfect Taka from Once OK Rock and SE7EN). I still believe that Japanese singers sing in Nihongo best, just like how Tsunagu Te To Te is a beautiful and brilliantly amazing Nihongo song.


I'm still hoping against hope for these dweebs to remain as a group and sing full songs on SC:
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